Anyone know how to convert a sofa bed into pure storage?

I liven SF and am completely out of room at this point. The bed in this hide-away-bed is so uncomfortable, guests don't use it anyway. I want to remove the hide a bed portion, leave the couch and, reclaim the area for storage... 
ANy ideas? the couch is the ektorp model from ikea and has springs.

this one:

i am decently handy, can get wood, have a drill and jigsaw.

thanks for any ideas!

sshuggi6 years ago
Going along the lines of what onrust said, remove all the bed and useless material until you're left with an empty, sofa-like box. Next step, make a sturdier box to put in it to sit on. I made a rough drawing of what you could do. Make the dimensions such that you could just set the sofa over it. If you have a bottom on the plywood box, you can cut out handles on the ends and have it as transportable storage.
Sofa storage.jpg
iceng6 years ago
Yes and raise it Those sofas are way too low.
Now you can put roll drawers under it for more space junk.

onrust6 years ago
All you need is to support the plywood that the cushion will rest on. Remove EVERYTHING else that will not support the plywood & hence your storage space.