Anyone know how to make a 3.5 mm bit for NES games?

I have a quite a few nes games and would like to clean them does anyone know how to make a 3.5mm bit?

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jrh0655 years ago
Grab a cheap old toothbrush, and gently melt the handle end until it is soft. Don't breath the smoke, it's pretty nasty. Shove the soft handle onto the screw and let it cool thoroughly. You should now have a not so durable screwdriver for NES games.

Oh, the things I learn from ex-cons...
DistantOverture (author) 5 years ago
thanks for all the great replies
Are you looking for the driver bit so you can open up the cartridge? You can find them all over the place, especially on e-bay. But you don't need the bit to clean the contacts on the cartridge. All you need is a Q-tip and some denatured alcohol.
DistantOverture (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
I've used a little bit of windex on a q-tip but it just makes it worse l.
Windex isn't going to clean the copper pads. It your using the original NES then the problem is the contacts between the game tray and the connector on the system's main board. The spring clip that holds the tray down wears over time and doesn't make good contact. So you'll want ot open up the system and clean the contacts in there. But you'll still be forced to use some sort of shunt to help force the back end of the tray to make better contact with the main board.

Windex on the copper pads in't going to remove any dirt buildup on the pads. You need something harsher like Alcohol. But if you get it open then use a green Brillo pad to scrub the pads clean. One of those pink rubber pencil erasers does good for removing tarnish from copper.

I found the best solution is to get a second gen NES. Known as the NES 101, its a top loading NES that doesn't have these problems.

zaronas5 years ago
well what do you mean by bit, like a cleaning bit?
DistantOverture (author)  zaronas5 years ago
To open the cartridge