Anyone know how to make a rock tumbler?

I have purchased a number of buckets of colored granite and would like to really polish them up. It doesn't need to hold a lot at once, but would be nice if it did.

Try my rock tumbler.
I built this one for polishing brass bullet casings for reloading but it also makes a good rock tumbler with the right polishing media.
username2526 years ago
You can take a bucket and line the inside with sandpaper. Then close off the top with a lid. Drill holes on the bottom and the lid to create a space for an axle rod. Then you can attach it to a motor so it can spin. This is all that I give, so I hope this helps!
rickharris6 years ago
Find a plastic bottle - must be round.

Mount resting on 4 small rubber wheels

Turn the wheels with a motor.

Add stones, a range of abrasive grits from coarse to fine.

Do it in the garage because it makes a lot of noise.
iceng6 years ago
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