Anyone know how to prevent ink and markers from washing off fabric?

i drew on my jeans today in class and it looks pretty dang awesome so i was wondering if theres any way i can keep them form fading  

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nerdologist8 years ago
 I agree with Re-design but would like to suggest a second step:
Soak the drawing in vinegar to help set the dye.  Another idea:  you could draw over it lightly with a bleach pen.
andieXcandie (author) 8 years ago
yea i'll at least try that.... i doubt it'll work tho cuz i can't make anything right 
lemonie8 years ago
There are ways of fixing dyes to fabric, the word is "mordant". Not knowing your dye, it's hard to say, but gentle (hand) washing would help, or going over with something more permanent.

andieXcandie (author)  lemonie8 years ago
its just ink from a regular ball point pen  
I'd tend to go with Re-design - use a permanent marker. Unless you wanted to spend the time sewing-over the design?

Re-design8 years ago
Putting the jeans in the dryer on medium hot might set the ink like it would a stain but it's still going to fade.

Or, go over the drawing with a fine point sharpe.  The ink in them are pretty permanent.

What's the drawing look like?
andieXcandie (author)  Re-design8 years ago
actually this is making me mad cuz i have a picture of  it but i can't find the cable to connect my camera to the computer !!!  
andieXcandie (author)  Re-design8 years ago
just a few doodles.... i drew a big bow on one leg and  a pretty little flower on the other one and i intend on drawing a HUGEEE sunflower on the butt part of my jeans =)