Anyone know of a good panorama autostitch software (Mac)?

I have taken a lot of panoramas as of late, and ive not gotten around to stitching them together. I am looking for a good panorama autostich software, mac compatible, and preferable in my price limit (free). Just something to stich together a few 360s and the odd 4 pic pana. :)

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verence6 years ago
If you can run Windows software, you can try Hugin (free, but somewhat wierd to use) or the Microsoft Image Composing Editor ICE (free, easy to use, powerful - good enough for maybe 97% of my panoramas - definitely my choice)

For Mac? Sorry, no idea.
astroboy907 (author)  verence6 years ago
looked around, hugin works for OSX as well (yay!) but does seem a bit strange.. :) oh well will keep looking...
astroboy907 (author)  astroboy9076 years ago
Tried hugin, works ABSOLUTE WONDERS for my panos. Tried a 13 pic 360 (taken somewhat on the fly and unevenly), and it stitched together no problem! (It did say the image was a bat fit, but I took a look and it looks fine to me). Alternatively tried a 30 image ( =O ) 360 panorama, took a bit on the long side (~15min) but stitched beautifully :) Huge pluses are that hugin is mostly automatic- a few clicks and the auto fires up, will give lots of informative messages, and it can be done entirely manually if you want too- plus it gives quite a few editing options :)
Turns out I have a few bundled panorama stitchers, tried them for the same images and it gave me a horrible, messed up, crazily exposed image. So hugin is great!!
now to find what the heck im gonna do with 100mb pix.... :)
xiaoyuandlg3 years ago

If you want to apply a the panorama effect in your software, I heard that to add a panorama control will be helpful.

irka_sun6 years ago
Try PanoEdit (
frollard6 years ago
Can't say for mac...

microsoft Image Composition Editor is brilliant, free, and inputs/outputs many formats -- its all automated, just drop the files and it does the rest. I've found nothing remotely close to as easy and high quality...only trouble is you need windoze.
astroboy907 (author)  frollard6 years ago
hmm, ill file that away as my last resort bootcamp software. sounds great though! :)