Anyone know of a source for conductive rubber tubing?

Looking for 4-6 MM diameter or in that area. Also sheets. Small quanities.

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ecr10357 years ago
You can find all sort of Conductive Elastomers (molded, extruded, sheet stocks, tubing, and many more at Good Luck!!!
ajcobbs7 years ago
I found conductive rubber tubing in the link below but I thing it's very expensive!!
tecchie8 years ago
here is your conductive rubber.. its what this guy deals in... great customer service too..

Do a search on Ebay for conductive rubber tube. Seller ships worldwide.
frollard8 years ago
conductive and rubber usually don't go in the same sentence...

looks like there are lots of suppliers in the top 10 listings.
BubbaOkie (author)  frollard8 years ago
Been there. Some of the results have "non-" in front of conductive;Google can't tell the difference. I'm looking for a source in U.S. in less than wholesale quantities. $40 for 3 feet is exorbitant. Conductive rubber has carbon particles embedded in it. I used to think conductive didn't go with lots of stuff--like fabric & thread. Thanks for input,though.
I didn't dig too deep... Is there an alternative? rubber tube + woven copper/other metal sheath? (Like a rad hose)
BubbaOkie (author)  frollard8 years ago
Naw, need flexibility.
those sheathed hoses are flexible...not AS flexible as straight conductive rubber though.