Anyone know of an Acorn Emulator for the PC?

Anyone know of an Acorn Emulator for the PC (Windows XP) And also a rom for Bug Hunter if possible, thanks.

duvelhedz8 years ago
Beebem is the best emulator out there, to get the ROMs, follow the links from the Beebem website
NYPA duvelhedz7 years ago
ROMS are illegal, unless you already bought the game.
staalwart8 years ago
I have VirtualA5000, from Virtual Acorn. It's one of the best out there, by far. You can find it at http://www.virtualacorn.co.uk/download.htm.

As for the ROM, I concur with dazzamatazz; just go to Google and give it a go!
dazzamatazz8 years ago
try this site i have used it in the past the emulator works under vista www.elkulator.acornelectron.co.uk just google for the ROM