Anyone know of an "Image" search engine?

Not like google images, lol. Like where you could upload an Image file and search for that exact image, just on other sites. Is this even possible? I'm going to contine to google around. Please answer, Dan

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CameronSS8 years ago

Oh, whoops, someone already said that.

*clicks "post comment" anyway*
. The clickable link is worth the double-post. Thanks. . Neat site. It found quite a few copies of the Windsurfer antenna reflector graphic I had laying around.
Darn it, I was going to post that too!
wheatabx8 years ago
Google has a image search option
girrrrrrr28 years ago
Tineye!!! they do that,... but they are in open beta
You might not want to discount Google so fast. : ) You can find a number of (experimental) search engines that incorporate content-based image retrieval methods:

You might take another look at Google Images if you haven't done so lately. They recently added a "search by color" feature that you might find helpful.

Unfortunately, general-purpose computer vision is a much more difficult problem than you might think. Artificial intelligences do not have normal childhoods, and few have any opportunity to interact and experiment with the world, outside of controlled lab situations. Thus, their ability to form a realistic internal model of what they are seeing is usually very limited.

lemonie8 years ago
Do you mean "find where an image came from originally" or "find an image like this one"? If you work it out let us know L
theRIAA8 years ago
like stock exchange...? (google it)