Anyone know what's stored in "C:\System Volume Information"?

My virus protection flagged a file stored in the bowels of "C:\System Volume Information", and when I accessed the folder, I found what looked like shortcuts to every file ever opened on the hard drive. I'd like to delete all those old records, but I don't know if they're important. Are these old files used by anything?

Burf7 years ago
That is where your System Restore information is kept, the restore points data, etc.
I recommend you only keep two or three, at most, restore points. They really take up a lot of space and are a good hiding places for viruses.
zascecs7 years ago
 Well, the "System Volume Information" is where Windows Xp stores different informations that (could) cause problems with your computer's system functioning. 

For more information go to:

zascecs zascecs7 years ago
 Please tell me if this helps...