Anyone know where to find really cheap EL wire and LEDs?

I would like to expirement with LEDs and EL wire, but can't find any really cheap EL wire or LEDs. Somewhere in the $10 range.

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jpacquing4 years ago
Try They sell .98c (USD) by the foot! Details:
Darrell Davis
Owner / CEO
EL Wire Pros, Inc.

I'm currently building a TRON Legacy suit (Sam Flynn & Quorra) for two (2) friends of mine. They're in Cosplay. I'll make it as a lining around the Glow-paint onto the suit to make it super bright!
cjthadj4204 years ago
I'm not certain on the price, but I know that Fry's Electronics now carries EL Wire in all there stores. It's a good place to start.
bsprague16 years ago
I go my EL Wire from a seller off of eBay. I got 1 meter for only 3.89 with free shipping. The seller's username on eBay was betterdeals255. You can just search "EL Wire" in the search bar on eBay, then click "Price: Lowest to Highest." The first that comes up is it. Or you can keep searching for more lengths. The only downside is that it takes quite a while to ship. It took my EL wire about 2 to 3 weeks. But it's still a great deal! Hope this helped!
schel7 years ago
check nearly factory the foot ...and all the electronics to make it a bargain/discontinued stuff for way cheap!
mrdovie7 years ago
You could try or

I have shopped futurlec for LEDs and transistors plus a lot of other neat stuff.
keydogstony8 years ago
EL wire is a little too expensive for a $10 budget. Depending on how much wire you need for your project, Then there is the inverter required. Also the power supply, either AC Wall Wart or Battery. Please note EL wire is a NIGHT/DARK application. In daylight or bright indoor light, it is very hard to see. LED's you can find at any electronic supply house locally or on the internet. And yeah, eBay. I actually have 200 Red LED's on there now for $9.99 Free Ship in the USA. Item number: 250472614368
guyfrom7up8 years ago
ebay is a great source for everything, I havn't recently searched for EL wire on there, but I know you can easily get 100 5mm/3mm LEDs for around 5-7 dollars, and that's even including shipping to the US (they are usually from Hong Kong).
AMannedElk8 years ago
You could always try to salvage LEDs from electronics around the house. The leads won't be too long, but they are (relatively) free if you don't mind destroying something.