Anyone made a pottery wheel from a dryer?

My kids took apart an old dryer. I began wondering how to use the parts. I was thinking there may be a way to use the motor and the mechanism that turns the dryer to turn the platform of a pottery wheel. Can anyone figure out how to do this?

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Re-design8 years ago
Google "diy pottery wheel" and you'll get lots of idea on how to start.

To get you started on that here's a link that looks good.
That link no longer works try this one.
Dryer motors dont work with PWM controllers. thete are single phase AC motors and only run at 3600 rpm.

i supose you could get a varible pully but the shafts of dryer motors are not a standard size..  Washer motors (from a maytag at any rate) are multi tapped, and can run 3600 or 1800 or 900 rpm depending on the circuits you are using.

your going to have better luck with a varible speed AC/DC motor with a controller (the minerak mc60a is a great one). you can get a good motor like this off a old Treadmill (and usually the controller too). 

my current "day" job is repairing washers and dryers, and I used to own my own treadmill repair shop.....

and I built the counttry kick wheel.featured on the front page...(BG)
so I iz a Expurt,  LOL 

build on of those, and add a motor and a wheel, and your all set....

Prfesser8 years ago
Undoubtedly some of the parts from a dryer can be used in making a pottery wheel. However, the drive mechanism in many dryers is a belt that goes around the drum, and the drum isn't mounted on a hub or anything like that. So it is unlikely to work very well when turned 90 degrees. Also, most dryer motors aren't variable-speed, so something like pulse-width modulation would be needed for electronic speed control. A constant-speed arrangement is likely to be much easier to implement. Good luck! -- Prfesser
Kiteman8 years ago
I hope you manage. Just one thing - you will need a foot-pedal speed controller.
Re-design8 years ago
A pottery wheel is just a round table top attached to an axle supported by a couple of bearings mounted to a framework that supports it all off the ground at a comfortable working height. You need some way to power it either another disk at the bottom so you can power it by foot power or by a motor. Unless you know the optimum speed so you can get the gearing right you would do well to get a variable speed motor. The dryer probably has the bearings shaft and some other parts you can use. You'll have to build a frame and round top for it and power it. Other great ideas will come along soon, so start thinking about how you're going to put this all together. Good luck.