Anything I can do with a Computer mouse?

I have an extra Optical mouse and was wondering if there were any projects i could make with it

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Berkin8 years ago
There are many useful parts inside computer mice. Momentary switches, for example. Many of the more specialized parts in the mouse would be a bit harder to use, though.
dombeef8 years ago
Make a ndsl have a microscope with homebrew
Emsaid (author)  dombeef8 years ago
dombeef Emsaid8 years ago
If you have homebrew for the Nintendo ds light you can make it have a microscope from the camera on the mouse
ANDY!8 years ago
mini RC car.
well i like smashing stuff with baseball bats :)
lemonie8 years ago
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Emsaid (author)  lemonie8 years ago
if it has a rotary bit inside it for the scroll wheel you can make a computer scroller and if you dont want to make that you can make the mouse bot with a few extra bits!!! alll of these can be found on instructables!!!