Aprilaire 700 Model humidifier loud noise when fan blows?

Aprilaire 700 humidifier operates properly; however, there is a horrendous noise being generated when the fan is only ( a vibration of sorts).  What could be causing this?

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do you have an automatic humidifier control box somewhere close to the humidifier? Does it flash any error codes?? Is it the "humidifier on" light that is flashing? There seems to be more than a few videos on youtube about the 700 model which is where I am getting ideas from.

so if there is fan only it makes a noise, what about fan and humidifier running? how long has it been installed for? could the fan blades and build up on them and be vibrating funny due to the extra weight? have the mounting screws come loose allowing the unit to move and vibrate against the other ducting?

fdragonlady (author)  cerberustugowar2 years ago
Good Morning, I believe the problem is due to water flow limitations. Do you believe purchasing a Sioux 660-TCO Mini-Rester and installing would eliminate the issue?
fdragonlady (author)  cerberustugowar2 years ago
Thanks for your help....sorry, been on long vacation. Tried turning on humidifier again yesterday(no dust on the fan blades, yes, humidifier works and fan runs. Before we went on vacation water was flowing. Did not check for water flow yesterday, but home did not feel dry. All seemed well. No noise either, this was good. However, this morning heard pipes vibrating. Only hear clicking coming from control pad (vibration in sync with light) and light was blinking. Turned humidifier of, noise ceased.