Arduino Due not working?

I tried to connect my Arduino Due to my pc to upload a program but it is not recognized by my computer. I updated the IDE to the latest that includes Due board selection, but I can't download drivers to use it. Nothing is listed in Device Manager and I tried both the programming port and the native port on the Due. Is it dead?

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Is it new, have you programmed it successfully recently in the past ?

Its not impossible to corrupt the bootloader, but you can reflash it with another arduino.

Arya42 (author) 2 years ago

I have never used it before.

If its not appearing in device manager, do you have any '?' in the devices list ? If you do, delete them, let the computer find them again, and see if it detects your Due.

Arya42 (author)  steveastrouk2 years ago

No, nothing new shows up in device manager.

If its a new board, and its not showing up, I'd try another computer first, and then think about returning it if it still doesn't ennumerate. .

Arya42 (author)  steveastrouk2 years ago

I tried a different cable and different cable and it still doesn't do anything (first cable was bad). Two small leds, orange and green, stay on and nothing happens when I press the reset button. I message comes up on my different computer that a usb device was not working properly. I am assuming it is dead. I contacted Arduino to see if I can get a replacement or something.

Sounds dead to me too.


That just doesn't sound right...if the 2nd computer does not work, ask the place were you bought it from to upload a sketch.

-max-2 years ago

I have had weird issues with the FTDI serial to USB chip, and sometimes on my arduino ripoff, if I short out random pins on the FTDO and press on it and everything else, it will mysteriously start working again. I am not sure why, my guess is that physical pressure temporarily fixes a bad solder joint somewhere under the chip.

Make sure that you have the appropriate FTDI drivers installed onto your computer, and that the FTDI chip is not a fake, because FTDI have in the past released a really naughty driver that BRICKS any counterfeit chip!!!