Arduino Programing question?

I am looking to control an Electric door lock that runs of 12V. Is there a way that I can have 12V going through the Arduino Uno and have it program that when i push a push button it would send the 12V to the door lock for about 30 Sec. Is this possible??? This is the first time I have used a Arduino other then making a LED blink.

bwrussell5 years ago
maewert5 years ago
Here is an instructable you may also view:
Yes, but you HAVE to add an extra transistor for the lock driver. You also HAVE to put a diode across the lock mech, at the lock mech, with the band on the diode connected to 12V and the other end to the other side of the lock mech.

A nice, fat power transistor, like a TIP32 is ideal.