Arduino What to buy and how?

im really intrested in the what arduino can do can someone advise me on what board to buy (im thinking of geting a arduino mega)
And how do i program it and upload it thanks :)

andy707076 years ago
I think the duemilanove is a good starter board, and certainly one of the more popular. You can buy them pre-assembled on eBay, official ones are not cheap, but it is open source so you can find almost identical chinese ones cheap. If you don't already have a lot of components, I would also suggest looking for "arduino starter kits". You usually get things like breadboard+wire, LCDs, LEDs, resistors, capacitors, and other passives, and various sensors and outputs. As for programming it, you simply download the software from the arduino website, plug in the arduino with a USB cable, and program it through there.
Maker shed has many great starter kits!
frollard6 years ago
The plain old 'uno' is a great place to start -- there are tonnes of retailers and they're all similarly priced.

To program it you run the arduino program, and plug the board in - then hit go.

As for learning: -- check out reference, playground, and forums for good stuff.

iceng frollard6 years ago
my answer would have been inadequate to yours.