Arduino as a programming project?

I decided to make something with Arduino as a school programming project, because it would be nice to learn something more complex than playing with LED arrays. The question is WHAT? It has to be a PROGRAMMING project, not an electronics one and therefore must be interesting and hard to do. Everything I can think of is a lot of electronics with some 50 lines of code at the end...
Any ideas? 

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iceng6 years ago

Enter a date and output the phase of the moon !

Celestial Math  Can you do it ??

gruffalo child (author)  iceng6 years ago
Probably I'm stupid, but I don't understand why this is different from counting in 29s from a date with a known phase?
Sorry, I apologize if offended you.
Just from a date, like ( Feb 22 1954 ) or ( Jul 11 2024 ) no phase is given.
Do you keep a data base or an algorithm in 50 lines ?

If you like hard add a test for a sun eclipse any where
on entered date [Yes / Mo]
Add 20 lines.

You may be amazed at the complexity of Astronomical math. Take a look at the books of Jean Meuus

gruffalo child (author)  steveastrouk6 years ago
Thanks, you've at least given me a place to start. It seems a bit too-hard-to-simply-think-about thing...
You COULD make an accurate Arduino powered Orrery...with stepper motors taking the place of gears ?

Or a simulation of the Antikythera mechanism....
Seen it, didn't remember the name though,
O.K. Score 2 for 2
It is Friday 13th.
Unbelievably clever. Its about the equivalent of us building a quick hyperdrive and nipping off somewhere in Andromeda for the afternoon. What else did they have ?
You press the point, odds are there some individuals,
who could probably do such a drive,
but  they are they  under government seclusion.
He he he
New noun for my lexicon
Thank you


Another one.
Think yourself lucky you don't have to use his previous books.....
Astronomical Calculations with a pocket calculator.....
gruffalo child (author)  iceng6 years ago
Oh, I think I have to go to bed and have a good think...
I never thought that the date has much connection to anything but the Earths' orbit... What about the Jewish dates...
maewert6 years ago
Maybe too easy but you could maybe do a model traffic intersection with cross walks and car detectors. 

The moon phase suggestion is a good one, and no, the moon does not orbit the earth in precisely 29 days so that method would only be a crude approximation.

Maybe you'd want to consider extending the Arduino library software to include interfacing the arduino to <some new chip> and put your code in an instructable to share your knowledge.

Pretty much an open ended question limited only by your imagination and skills ;-)

Best Wishes.
rickharris6 years ago
Code lock
Car park barrier control
Lift control
Washing machine control (model)
Traffic lights
Autonomous robot - wheeled, flying, water based.
Stepper motor driver
CNC system

orksecurity6 years ago
Something that monitors several inputs for a complex sequence or combination would be an obvious choice... Me being a part-time locksmith, my immediate thought is an electronic combination lock with all the interactions needed to program it in the field -- user combination(s), plus a master combination which authorizes adding and removing other combinations, temporarily disabling and enabling them, creating "one time" combinations which automatically disable themselves after a limited number of uses... Add a clock to the design and you can have combinations which are only authorized at specific times of day.

That's relatively simple circuitry (keyboard, output for the "lock" (maybe just a LED for this prototype) and possibly for a few status LEDs to help folks not get lost in the process, and a program which can be made as simple or complicated as you like.

Have fun...