Arduino hit counter - need ideas ?

Good evening everyone 

I need ideas about how to count number of hit using Arduino 

for example an Arduino safely installed on kickboxing bag, and I need to count every time the kick-boxer hit the bag :) 

please need ideas, its for senior project :)

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seandogue15 days ago

You want to use an accelerometer with a high pass filter so that it's sensitive to impulses only.

Feed the output of that circuit into a comparator to in turn feed the arduino logic input.

WardaA3 (author)  seandogue6 days ago

Thanks a lot, will try it and hope it works


Could be very clever, and monitor the direction of punch too.

jamesbdunn14 days ago

Maybe Arduino is overkill. There are many cell phone apps that might meet your needs.

iceng15 days ago

As a start use a capacitor in series with Seandogue's accelerometer.

This will remove any DC offset due to gravity..

bwrussell15 days ago

I'm guessing your best bet might be an accelerometer. Gather some data of a kickboxer hitting the bag (punch, kick, etc) and moving it without hitting (push, swing, etc). With this info you should be able to filter out non hits and only trigger the count on actual strikes.

Simple input/output...
You add one to a given variable every time the input is triggered.
Use a small LCD to display the number and a simple push button to rest the counter.
Check the Arduino Playground for examples of code you can use ;)


What is the sensor Warda ?

WardaA3 (author)  iceng15 days ago

I'm still searching for suitable one :(

at first though about touch sensor, but it's too small and will not serve the purpose, also thought about creating touch sensor from scratch, but didn't have a clue for that

also though about a sensor that will sense the movement of the boxing bag, so if it is moved it will count down/up a specific time, and the timer stopped when the bag stopped

any help/idea is appreciable