Arduino is a free class?


Just a simple question:

Is arduino a free class?


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bekathwia9 months ago


Is there a way to contribute to your efforts? I was expecting to ask a bunch of questions but your course answered them all. The pull down resistor workaround was just what I needed! Thanks. (With so many students, even a small donation would be a big pad on your back and your wallet)

Glad you are enjoying the course! No need to contribute anything other than your positive attitude and can-do spirit, although it would be great if you documented your future projects here on the site! If you're a fan of my work, subscribe to my personal project feed and youtube channel! =D

I clicked on your name and then clicked the Follow button. I hope that is how to subscribe to your projects. If not, let me know. Thanks again for the class!

I can "see" making an Arduino TV remote control. The breadboard would have a button for each of my favorite channels (yes, I refuse to get cable [i.e, I refuse to pay for commercials]), and an infrared light to signal the TV. Any ideas on where I could get the signal sequences for my TV's channels?

Yeah, for sure! Here's a cool tutorial on figuring out IR remote codes with Arduino, should make your project a snap: