Arduino morse code help?

There are two ideas that I would like to be put together on the arduino (since I'm a noob I don't have the programming skills); a morse code AM RADIO transmitter that you can use a keyer instead of the serial monitor to send your message. 

Here is the website code for the transmitter part

Here is the website code for the keying part

How can this be done?

Thanks for helping out.

iceng6 years ago
Responding to your question part 1. Do you understand ;
  • The code is  oscillating at RF frequency OF 1337 Khz
  • Pin 8 is the single pin that generates an AM carrier wave
  • Timing duration carrier on for 4 periods then of then on produces the dah dit dah dah [ =•== ] repeating 3 times
  • The  dah ait dh dah represents the morse for period
  • The code is written in "C" code.
  • I don't prog in C but I can read and follow it
If you do then understand these points ???
If you do, we can move on.