Arduino pwm output to control 12v led strip?

Im trying to figure out how to vary the brightness of an 12v rope light.
i currently have the arduino to control the brightness of an 5v Led via the pwm output and would like to do the same but with an 12v rope light instead of the led.
In theory i should be able to do this via an transistor but is it possible to Dim the 12v rope light using an transistor this way?

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hledstore6 years ago
normally a transistor will help. led strip is available at different level of brightness.
Should be fine. You won't damage the arduino by trying.

lostangel556 (author)  steveastrouk8 years ago
transistor is on order and will give it an go. Fingers crossed :)
So, did it work? If so please let me know what transistor you used!! I'm looking to do the same but with a RGB strip
What kind of rating have you ordered ? What current do the lamps take.

usLEDsupply7 years ago
a transistor will only run a short section of strip
if you have a long section you will have to use a logic level mofset or pwm/ttl amp