Are American music artists popular in the UK?

I'm aware that there is a somewhat large population of users from the UK, and I was wondering, Are music artists from the United States popular across the pond?  I'm not very familiar with artists from across the pond, is it the same the other way around?  I understand that many people do not like the popular music genres and probably wont know them by choice and not circumstance.

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Here are the latest album charts for the UK

Any familiar names ?
NachoMahma7 years ago
.  Just because an artist is popular in the US doesn't mean they will be popular in the UK (and vice versa), but, yes, there are a lot of artists who are on both Top40 charts.
.  I bet you are listening to a lot more British artists than you think you are.
Yes, we like the well-known American bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, Coldplay. Leona Lewis.....

.  <snicker>
.  I'm not gonna laugh too hard - I didn't know Coldplay were Brits. ;)
....and with that Mi'lud I rest my case.....
Keep your lame British bands and give me good American rock like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd any day of the week.
.  The US may have kicked Britain's butt in the Revolutionary War*, but they got us back with the British Invasion. ;)
*Remember, I am an Ugly American so it is The Revolutionary War.
I console my self at the loss of the colonies by reminding myself that you were all British until afterwards....

Actually, that's not quite accurate.  One of the many arguments for US independence was the fact that roughly 15% of the population in the colonies were not British - which is a fairly large slice of the pie who, due to affairs beyond their control, eventually found themselves under British rule and paying taxes beyond even what the British motherland were paying.

I must agree with the others though.  We might have invented rock 'n roll, but Britain perfected it and remains one of the few places giving birth to decent music today.

Although... I do have to pause when I think, amidst all those great musicians, you guys were also responsible for Gary Glitter.
Damn, you remembered Glitter.

Yeah, you thought you could slip the likes of Gary Glitter past us and get away with it!

In all seriousness, though, it worked.  "Rock and Roll, Part 2" will forever play in American football stadiums as proof of my theory that, although generally viewed as the epitome of masculinity, those poor jocks are secretly wrestling with desires of forbidden love.
You DO know GG's recent history don't you ? 
Yes.  If more people in the US knew too, they'd have forgotten completely about Michael Jackson.
British Commander: "My King! The Americans are revolting!"
The King: "You know, I think so too."

:-> Sorry, couldn't resist!

Nazareth, Judas Priest, The Who.
Gotta love that American Rock sound....
I'm from Belgium (which is an oversea neighbour of the UK)

And sure it is!

We have AKon, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, 50 cent... you name it we heard of them.

And between all those American artists we have our own popular Belgium groups like Stan Van Samang, K3 (for the kiddies)...

So yeah almost all American music comes over to Europe and it has alot of popularity here and is mixed in with our own and other European music.
have u heard of the offspring?
Hell yeah :D

That band rocks! It's one of my favourites! Pretty fly for a white guy is always in the "wrong music" hour of every party I attend and their other songs like "want you bad" are frequent numbers I hear on my ipod :)
oh my god i hate want u bad!!!!!! terrible song!!!!! die!!!! in other news, pretty fly for a white guy rocks.