Are Foam Cutting Fumes Toxic??

I've made a hot wire foam cutter but I'm wondering now if the fumes are cancerous/dangerous/toxic when you breathe them in. I've researched this myself a little but there are mixed answers and many others are unsure. Any answers?

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seandogue4 months ago

Yes. Always Ventilate. Smoke need not be produced to create toxic fumes. If you can semll it, they're there.

Downunder35m4 months ago

What is there to be unsure about apart from the fact that you did not provide any details on the materials you want to cut.
Put simply: if it is dangerous or even toxic when it burns then the same is true when you cut it - there is a good reason why proper cutters always come with a proper fume extraction system...


RampedUpDIY4 months ago

In short, yes the fumes made when cutting foam are harmful. However, how much they affect you depends on how much you are exposed. I always just set up a shop vac or fan beside my foam cutter to pull the fumes away from me.

iceng4 months ago

Iv been cutting Styrofoam 50 years. The best way to cut, is to adjust a massive wire (3/32" iron weld rod) to simply melt through NO+SMOKE and not burn the foam.. Occasionally I smoked some with a solder iron... I'm writing and alive married with grand kids and a lot of tin lead solder fumes too...

iceng iceng4 months ago

Sorry forgot the pictures click them to see the whole image..

styrofoamCutter.jpgTool1 round.bmpEdge-cut-LAYER4.JPGFirstcutting(25).JPGHotCurrent.JPG
rickharris4 months ago

Safety sheet for poly styrene


I would avoid cutting at a temp that creates fumes.

Over all it can't be that hazardous as schools cut polystyrene foam all the time.

Yonatan244 months ago

How much?

Breathe as little as possible.