Are Printed Circuit Boards and Breadboards the same thing?

I bought a printed ciruit board from radioshack and i am worried that it is not going to work like a breadboard. Will it?

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I never use breadboard for our designs at work. This is a second-stage of a design for a laser graphic writer I developed about 17 years ago. I think this IS Radio Shack board.
Kiteman7 years ago
If the perf board you bought has the holes connected by strips of copper, and you lay the components out the same way as on the breadboard, then it will work just fine.

(You need to be careful not to accidentally connect adjacent copper strips with careless soldering...)
schoonovermr (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
The circles are surounded by copper circles that are not connected. Is this still what are talking about?
It won't work like a breadboard, but it'll be more reliable.
He'll just need to add jumper wires.
A Breadboard is used to make sure a circuit works correctly without having to solder in the components. With a printed circuit board you need to solder in the components and you cant  easily remove them. So yes it will work but you have to make sure you get  the components in right the first time.
lemonie7 years ago

Breadboard has sockets you can push components into, and take them out of afterwards.
What you have needs soldering.