Are all rectifiers bridge rectifiers?

Do all bridge rectifiers have 2 inputs for ac and two outputs for dc.  I see some components called "rectifiers" which have three pins.  Does  this item change ac to dc?

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mohitj7866 years ago
It is of two types :-

Half-Wave Rectifiers. An easy way to convert ac to pulsating dc is to simply allow half of the ac cycle to pass, while blocking current to prevent it from flowing during the other half cycle. The figure to the right shows the resulting output. Such circuits are known as half-wave rectifiers because they only work on half of the incoming ac wave.

Full-Wave Rectifiers. The more common approach is to manipulate the incoming ac wave so that both halves are used to cause output current to flow in the same direction. The resulting waveform is shown to the right. Because these circuits operate on the entire incoming ac wave, they are known as full-wave rectifiers.
orksecurity6 years ago
A basic rectifier is a diode -- two pins.

A bridge ("full-wave") rectifier is essentially four diodes arranged in a diamond, with power in at the top and bottom of the diamond and power out at the left and right. (Websearch will find circuit diagrams which make this clearer.)

Three pins... I'm honestly not remembering what that's intended to be used for. Can you provide a pointer to a specific component that we could look up?
Hmmm. Is that actually a bridge rectifier with the case being one of the terminals, or is something else going on?
I think something else is going on. Some of those devices were described as "common anode" rectifiers. Lemonie pointed us to thyristors. I think "rectifier," as a general term meaning to convert alternating to direct current, must cover a fairly broad range of devices.
lemonie6 years ago

Rectifiers do change AC to DC.
silicon controlled rectifiers aka thyristors are different to what ork' described.
E.g. this one

Point granted. It didn't occur to me that someone might think of an SCR as a rectifier.