Are bridge rectifiers "downward compatible"?

If I have a power supply circuit that requires a 25.4VAC, 2A transformer connecting to a bridge rectifier, could I use a rectifier that is rated at 50V, 4A, or do I need to get one that matches the input more closely?

Yes. You can use any rectifier rated above the output voltage of your transformer. You can pull components from scrapped electronics and use a site like to get the specifications. ~Bob~
Xombee (author)  ShutterBugger8 years ago
Thank you very much for your replies!
Exactly like that - sometimes their characteristics aren't as good - like a high-current diode might have a higher voltage drop - but if it's rated for 100 volts - thats max before it will let the smoke out - in fact, it's better to use components rated 1.5-2x higher than your normal operating range.