Are my flyback projects dangerous? (x-ray)


I was wondering if any dangerous x-rays or other caustic things like ozone are created when I'm testing my flyback transformers.
How much ozone and how much x-rays is dangerous to humans?

could long-term use of flybacks create radiation poisoning?

I'm actually a little worried :/

iceng5 years ago
About Ozone,  O3 has a half life of about 30 min.
OSHA does not get involved until you get 100 Lbs of it.
In your body it acts like CO Carbon Monoxide.  That means it grabs a
blood cell and wont let go of it,  decreasing your breathing efficiency for
a half hour.   A hundred pounds of it would end your breathing altogether.

Ozone is activated oxygen.  I make ozone machines to get the smell
of recent fire ( including cigarette smell ) out of bedrooms and
restaurant fish odors. The O3 basically finishes the burning process
non-exothermic and that  is why we no longer can smell dinosaurs
flatulent :-)

Oh cool! I didn't know that, I might have to get my MOT kit out more often and play with sparks, especially after I set stuff on fire.
Alex1M65 years ago

Have a read of this http://www.pupman.com/safety.htm

But if your arcs are not very bright such as those produced by 555 and 2n3055 drivers then I don't think there will be much of a risk.

Bright high current arcs and HV capacitor sparks on the other hand might be a potential health risk from the UV light produced.

However I think I should also note that low current blue/purple arcs tend to produce more ozone whilst high current white/yellow arcs produce more nitric oxide from the intense heat and combustion of the air.

Non of this has ever stopped me though ( ;
Kiteman5 years ago
Not enough of anything to worry about.