Are people cheating when they use sharpened rods?

K'NEX guns are often weak but the publisher makes them look strong by sharpening the rods it fires. Banana inventor's pistol shot 20-30 feet but he said it could go through cardboard with a sharpened rod. And Gorkem's sniper rifle only was powerful because of a sharpened rod.

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Yes and No. It is cheating because some guns can shoot through, let say cardboard without being sharpened(SR-V2 and my long rifle). And thats the way I test guns unless I state otherwise. But then again some people sharpen their rods so they can get more piercing power. So as long as they state that it is a sharpened rod I would not call it cheating.
my mega-crossbow can shoot through 2 layers of cardboard and crack a battleship game at point blank (oops.)
I built a sniper once that shot through 2 layers a cardboard and put a dint in the door.
It depends. If you're just building a gun for giggles, it's fine. But if you are intending to use it in a k'nex war then I believe it is considered cheating. It's just not fair to the other team.
Knex Guru8 years ago
I didn't even know you could cheat at building things.
NYPA (author)  Knex Guru8 years ago
knex are ment to be used the way they came.
Knex Guru NYPA8 years ago
If that's your opinion why bother posting this question?
NYPA (author)  Knex Guru8 years ago
Because i have a different opinion than others.
An Villain8 years ago
in my opinion it is "cheating" because i am somewhat of a purist for knex (not trying to boast) i only use pieces that are the same as when the knex company makes them, i may not use them what they are for (killerk bullet lock) but i use them as they are. so in my opinion it is "cheating" but that may not be the opinion of everyone. however if they claim their thing can shoot through 50 things of paper with a sharpened rod then that could be considererd cheating. also my knex crossbow can shoot through 500 pieces of paper and leave it in shreds if the rod is on fire =).
So you only use rubberbands that were distributed in knex sets?
talk about a weak gun
when i can, if i cannot i use #64 bands.
cj814998 years ago
I think it is cheating because 1 the need to make a new piece which they should not need to and is gives extra penetration power
TigerNod8 years ago
Depends. If the author states: "it shoots 70 feet" or "it can pierce trough two plates of cardboard" without mentioning that was done by a sharpened rod, it is cheating. If you don mention it was sharpened, it isn't. But there is no real way to say if you are cheating or not as there is noone that checks it. There are many other ways to "cheat" , such as using different types of ammo, or holing the gun 45 degrees, or even firing it from a hill!
knexsniper18 years ago
no, it is not cheating, because all you are doing is slightly modifiying the piece, if you made the gun shoot something else, then it would be cheating. if you state that you used a sharpened rod, then it is not cheating.
travw8 years ago
It really just depends... It depends on what the sharpened rod is said to do. It depends on if the author states that a sharpened rod is used. You'd have to be more specific for this question to be effectively answered.
DJ Radio8 years ago
It is cheating, unless the sharpened rod does something else, like increase accuracy.
Not really. Although, if one knex gun using a sharpened rod is shooting the same as another gun without a sharpened rod into card board, you know that the 2nd gun is going to be more powerful. So, all that sharpened rods do is just make them pierce better usually.