Are potato cannons legal in Michigan?

We have been using potato cannons in a BSA camporee and someone just told us that these cannons are illegal.
When they are used they are in a safe place, like a rifle range. The cannons are mounted so they can only go up and down and not side to side.
If you know of a Michigan state document I can use to show the legality, please let me know.

they are legal to posses and fire in Michigan
caarntedd7 years ago
Are they legal anywhere?
Re-design7 years ago
Very seldom will you find a document saying that something is legal.  Most legal documents are written to spell out what is not legal.

You need to address your question directly to the attorney general of your state.  Part of his responsibilities are to answer questions like you have to help you stay out of trouble.

You may need to get one of the scout leaders to pursue the matter.