Are ther any free offers that are legit?

I was wondering anyone knew of any of these online free offers that arte legit. I am always seeing offers for free kindles and MP3 players and electronic stuff. I wondered if anyone knew of any that are legit and will really give me stuff I was paricularly interested in this one

Is it legit.

Is any of this stuff legit.


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canucksgirl5 years ago
I'd say NO on that one... Most of those companies are marketing "free stuff" as a ploy to just get something from you, and not to give you something in return.

Do you see a business name? That's usually a good sign they are not legit. So you have to ask yourself, why would some "no name" company want to give me "free stuff"? And the answer to that is, they don't. They want something from you, and that's usually your email address and personal information. Companies like that sell your info to other companies so that they can spam you. Plain and simple.

Even if the company looks "legit" they usually have some steps you have to follow that require you to sign up for some "game" with your cellphone or some other method that makes you "pay to play". Again, they aren't interested in giving you something, other than maybe a big hefty cell phone bill.

If you suspect that something "looks too good to be true", it probably is. But, if you actually see a "business name" on one of these websites, then Google them and only look for feedback and information that comes from places other than that website. They can lie all they want on their website, but upset and angry people tend to share info on forums and other places when they've been duped.

The best place in my opinion to win anything good is Instructables, or other "big name", reputable companies that you've already checked on, and done some homework to ensure you're not wasting your time (and possibly your money).
nurdee1 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Thanks. I know a lot of these companies are not legit. It just seems like ther emust be something good out there

Are ther any companies that give out their new products for testing and will give you the product free if you provide feedback?
Kiteman nurdee15 years ago
Look into becoming a "mystery shopper" - you sometimes get to keep the things you buy.
nurdee1 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Could you explain to me what that is?

Kiteman nurdee15 years ago
You go to stores or restaurants, and secretly report on the service you get.

Google is your friend.
Also, just to clarify, you have to be "hired" by the store or restaurant to do this. Don't just go around expecting them to give you stuff for giving feedback. ;)

You can find information in employment ads. Occasionally a company will want to test their customer service by using average people. They are hired to ask, buy or do certain things, and then report back on how they were treated etc. For doing that, they either pay you, or give you a free meal in their restaurant or maybe give you some discount or free item that you were suppose to buy. It all depends on the company.
It's different in the UK - there are agencies that work on the store's behalf, so not even the store's managers know who is a mystery shopper.

I don't know about all of them, but a goodly number of them here in the USA sell every bit of info you dare to give them (many times, addresses, phone numbers, etc. are required to be filled in) and you then WILL get phone calls, unlisted number or not.
nurdee1 (author)  Goodhart5 years ago
Yeah I always give bogus phone numbers. I can deal with my email filled with spam but I will NOT have my phone ringing off of the wall.
A friend of my wife has a fairly active blog about her family and there twins. She is signed up with a few groups and has gotten lots of great coupons and free stuff to keep. She just has to fill out a servant and post reviews of the items on her blog, complete with pictures and videos. Not too long ago she got a couple of coupons that gave here a free coat from Old Navy. So her and my wife got a free coat. A couple of months ago she had a party at here house to try out a couple of new Dance games for the Wii.

If you find a valid group or company that does these sort of things you will have to work for it in one way or another. As mentioned above place like Instructables are you best bet. They give the chance to win some great items, in return we create good Instructables that keeps the site fresh and drives more traffic to them. Another good place would be Element 14. There road testing program offer items for evaluation. You fill out a form explaining why you would be a good candidate to evaluate the product and if chosen you get the product to keep but have to write a detailed review of it.

Just remember you can't get something for nothing.
nurdee1 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
Also, I know about instructables contests and have entered some I just don't seem to be able to win anything. I'll keep trying.
nurdee1 (author)  mpilchfamily5 years ago
I will look into that website thanks. That is the sort of thing I am interested in I don't mind working for it a little I just don't want to spend money.

Not too many of them. Most companies like Apple have a testing facility and are very secretive about their products so they aren't likely to give you something to give feedback on. By the time stuff like that goes on the market, they've been tested and tested by many employees for thousands of hours.

Your best bet is to look online for the big name companies. Periodically Pepsi, Coca Cola, Walmart, Best Buy and others have some promo on that you have a chance to win something, but its not all the time; and the chances aren't that great because you are competing in a random draw with thousands of other people. Also look around when you're in stores for mail in entries, as most people don't bother with those, so the chances are a bit higher.

I know that contests are a big deal for some people and some do win. There was a show on TV recently about some people who spend a HUGE amount of their day searching for and entering contests. They tend to win once and awhile, but they are also at it EVERY single day and for many hours.
nurdee1 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
I have entered several instructables contests but I just don't seem to be able to win anything. I will keep trying.
It can take time so don't get discouraged. I know someone who recently won a contest, and it took 78 instructables before it happened, so you never know. I've got a runner up prize - that's the best for me, so far. It all comes down to a great idea and being better than everyone else in the contest. Eventually you'll win something. ;)
thegeeke5 years ago
Not for electronics. Anytime you see an ad, they paid for it, so they are not going to pay to give you an expensive item. Sometimes there is good free software out there, but that's about it.