Are there any dangers in handling transformers?

 I recently got a hold of a old arcade cabinet and I plan on gutting it. In the process I discovered that there was a big transformer present in the machine. Are there any dangers in removing the device? And if so how do i prevent myself from any harms?

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Slowpoke7 years ago
As long as the power lead is disconnected from the mains there should be no risks other than its weight. These things are not like a microwave oven and they don't store a charge. It's the high voltage capacitor in a microwave oven that makes it potentially dangerous to disassemble.
Materials used in the fabrication of power transformers are usually non-toxic. So feel free to take it apart. Be aware of the picture tube (assumming there is one) - glass envelope under high vacuum. This is perhaps the most hazardous item in the entire arcade machine. Handle with care.
And the picture tube can hold a huge charge for quite a while.  It is basically a big capacitor the way it is built.
gmoon Re-design7 years ago
And there may be other HV capacitors in a power supply connected (through a rectifier) to the transformer. Those can be very dangerous, also...
Marsh7 years ago
 What do you mean by "Arcade Cabinet?" If you're talking about a video game, there are many hazards inside the box. There are capacitors that can hold a charge and shock you. The picture tube itself is like a big capacitor too.