Are there any good break action knex shotguns out there?

I am looking for break action shotgun that preferably uses shells, and hopefully has a decent spread.

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There are a few of them. This one by dutchwarlord wasn’t any good, the bullets got caught in the barrel.
This one by young cookie boy seemed to be good and has instructions.
But this one looks like it could be good just no instructions.
So in the long run I would go with Young cookie boy’s.
Beameron posted his shotgun.
Not when I posted my comment.
I was trying to update your comment.
travw (author)  Killer~SafeCracker8 years ago
I might... And yeah, back when I didn't even have an account I made dutchwarlords' and the break action was horrible. It sucked 'cause it took me about 3 days. =(
~KnexBuild~6 years ago
Try Blue Mullet's double barrel break action shotgun.
MegaMetal87 years ago
Seleziona's break action
or Owen mon's one
An Villain7 years ago
   by owen mon

my new one!
DJ Radio8 years ago
Youngcookieboy made a good break action, but I would go with Beameron's shotgun, because you can shoot a knife with it. Disregard the rating of that shotgun, because some non knexers decided to hate on it. S0l3kill3r also made a break action, but its not posted.
An Villain8 years ago
beamron's break action. it works nicely. or s0lekill3r's uses shells.
Well I like s0lekill3rs version altough it doesn't have any instructions so you need to be good to remake it. I remade it and it worked fine.
travw (author)  Miles Tails Prower8 years ago
I considered it but it seems that 1 or 2 rods isn't "shotgunny" enough... Plus I'm not great at building from pics. I did make his shotbow however.