Are there any good knex pistols with removable mags?

I was just wondering because I'm designing (what I hope to be) a pisol with a removable mag and I wanted to make sure my idea wasn't copying theirs. If there is please post a link. Thanks.

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Yes there are several of them. But these two are the more popular.
Hope this helps.
noobererer (author)  Killer~SafeCracker8 years ago
ok ty, they arnt like my idea at all. I kept searchin the site but i couldnt find any. plus i wont be able to build it until next tuesday :P
chacha20135 years ago
I made one with a slide and removable mag and holds 11 shots check it out
It's a combination of the 2 guns that killer has links to, thanks I hade no idea who they were till now
mr.knexer5 years ago
moxx's is cool
bumboozer7 years ago
the skorpion
ZHG on
DJ Radio8 years ago
What kind of mag is it? does it require Y connectors to clip to the gun? Anyways, Killersafecracker forgot my Jackal v2.