Are there any good semi automatics (or automatics) that use a lot of blue rods and yellow connectors?

I just have a ton of blues rod and yellow connectors, and I wanna find a gun suitable for them. Id like it to fire rods, have a mag, be semi or auto, have a good range, have an optional scope, and be somewhat sturdy I have a ton of white rods, about 100 green rods, so I am okay in that aspect. I just havent found many semis that dont use whites connectors, or guns that use many blues at all.

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An Villain7 years ago
TorBomb's uses almost exclusively blue rods and yellow connectors, it is a crude gattling gun, gets OK range, and requires minimal pieces (build more than 1) also it does not require a motor.
Torpe8 years ago
You might need to buy some more green rods but Oblivitus' Z35 assault rifle seems to fit all of your other needs.
An Villain8 years ago
the gunzo the great semi auto uses a lot of yellow connectors and some blue rods, you have enough green connectors and problably white rods i am sure.
Mr. Stealth8 years ago
You could try building your own ball machine instead. Plus you don't have to use chain to lift the ball. Post something innovative.
this answer fails on so many levels. =P
I don't even remember posting that. Hmm...
coreyt8 years ago
well it sounds like youve got the pieces to build a srv2 typically semi autos are very weak and bad and you sound like you want power also there just isnt enough semi autos at all let alone one that uses the pieces you specify
DJ Radio8 years ago
Go build Oodalump's semi auto rifle. Its 5 connectors thick.
I might post an uzi using Louis XIV's concept.
The Jamalam8 years ago
mine is a pseudo, and it uses a fair few. Storm 222
well, i have a fully auto that fires elastics. check it out its a forum topic.