Are there any knex guns that just need to be built?

What im meaning by "Need to be built" are guns like the tr , mezak , and the knexsayer?

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An Villain7 years ago
IAC cannon (2 and 3 are my favorites but they are all awesome) the SR-V2, TR-18, Untangle, Siprini Rifle V3, anything by KnexFreek or Killer SafeCracker, and mepains huge crossbow.
MegaMetal87 years ago
The sipirini rifle....
TheChemiker7 years ago


DJ Radio7 years ago
The NAR, or Untangle, whichever name you prefer.
~KGB~7 years ago
mezak, tr, knexsayer, iacs giant crossbow!
Mr. Muggle7 years ago