Are there any youngsters on Instructables?????

ok so, im 12, is there anyone within or below the 10-18 age group other than me? am i alone???

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kelseymh6 years ago
About 16%. If you're under 13 and didn't have your parents register for you, then you are in violation of the Terms of Service.
I am 14 and constantly making the best things on here, and I consider my self one heck of a maker!
Pfarmkid5 years ago
i am almost 12
HMice5 years ago
I am approximately 11.7 years of age
ramicaza6 years ago
I'm 13. btw thanks for subscribing!
rickharris6 years ago
I am young at heart! :-)
aelias366 years ago
Hi there.
Dr. Pepper6 years ago
I am! My name is Dr Pepper! Nice to meet you!

im a youngster too!
rickharris6 years ago