Are these Web Host Data Transfer speeds good?

I am going to make a website over winter break with videos steamed from youtube. I have been looking at this web host I am on a budget and I can get a year from them for $44. In prior website experiences, cheap hosts I have went with made my site incredibly slow to load. I hadn't looked for these stats before and they weren't made visible. Since I want to stream videos and I don't want to deter potential viewers, I wanted to make sure the next host I went with was fast. I went to their live chat and they told me:

"We have 2gbps network connection with our ISP.
The RAM speed of our servers is 667 MHz."

I want to know if this will be sufficiently fast to stream youtube videos, and how it compares to other web hosts.

Additionally, I would like to know if the web host is any good, or if you have personal recommendations that are affordable and have high speed.

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seanroberts (author) 7 years ago
Ok scratch the youtube. In general is this speed sufficient for posting a website that will have a comments section, images, and a forum?
Yes, basically. If you expect to get a very high rate of hits (simultaneous accesses to your Website), then no.
lemonie7 years ago

"I am going to make a website over winter break" - could you justify the $44?
What will be worth paying money for?

kelseymh7 years ago
"I want to know if this will be sufficiently fast to stream youtube videos,"

If you really mean videos which you have uploaded to YouTube, then it doesn't matter what your hosting service provides. The videos aren't on your hosting service. They are on one of the bazillion Google blade servers at

When you write a Web page and include the "embed codes" (XML) to incorporate a YouTube video, the page information (the HTML) is shipped out from your hosting service, but the video itself is streamed from somewhere else (YouTube, or Vimeo, or wherever you uploaded it).

You can pretty well guarantee that you are not going to find a cheap hosting service which does in-house video streaming. The server space, and outgoing bandwidth, required for that is huge (petabytes and multi-gigabaud).
Seconded. If you want to stream video, your bandwidth cost will be somewhere between 5000 and 100000 dollars a month. Youtube spends tens-to-hundreds of millions a month for bandwidth.