Are you allowed to promote something a friend is selling?

I was wondering if anyone knew if you're allowed to promote selling things on here. For example, I have a friend who sells homemade slime on Instagram. I thought we could do a collab kind of thing. We could make an instructable about making slime with me and I could make something on her Instagram. On my instructable I could mention her account that sells slime and on Instagram she could mention my account that's on here. I just want to make sure its allowed and I wouldn't get in trouble if I did that.

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It's my understanding that the only place where anything commercial is allowed here is in the Marketplace forum. Instructables themselves are not intended as an advertising tool.

+1 ;-)

bwrussell2 months ago

The only way to do something like this without turning people off is to make a full blown Instructable. That means every ingredient and step so people can make it themselves. If you do that then I personally don't have a problem with, on the last page, you mentioning that if you don't want to make it yourself you can buy it and providing a link. Be sure to disclose that you're friends with the proprietor.

I've seen this on a number of different guides, although typically it's on more complicated stuff.

As far as the Instagram side, there isn't any issue with promoting your work here with it. Half of the posts on that site are already attempts to sell you stuff. The lack of links in captions make it a little tougher though.

Jack A Lopez2 months ago

I've seen people here do that. I'm not sure if it's against the rules, but it is kind of tacky.

I think the true spirit of Instructables is supposed to be more about sharing knowledge, than trying to squeeze money out of the people looking at your content.

I could be wrong about that though. I mean the owners, Autodesk(r), or whoever they are, they probably see this place as a vast biomass plantation, providing them with free content they can resell, in the form of books, memberships, t-shirts, and I know not what else.

rickharris2 months ago

This isn't an advertising/selling site. Sorry.

iceng2 months ago

NO !