Arrrrr help me please... I want to convert AV (240v) powered fairy lighst to battery power?

Hi all
I am trying to convert some fairy lights to run on batteries.  the string of lights after the adaptor run on 24VAC 250mA 6VA...  as I expected when I combined 9V batteries to produce 27V/ the batteries ran the light well (brighter that off the mains) and also as expected after about 1.5 hours went out.
Now I was wondering if there is some way to wire batteries to run these lights? size needs to be kept to a minium as does cost..
Now I know that If I was to use LED lights this would be simple. but that is not possibe as I have already got the 50 strings of fairy lights :(   any help would be great...

Yes, use two Sealed lead acid batteries, 2 x 12V in series. Even 10Ah will give you "good" battery life, and wouldn't be very large.

ben.s (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Thank you very much Steve.
Do you know where I would be able to get these 12V sealed lead acid batteries?
also do you know roughly how big they are and what they would cost?
Thanks again.

It doesn't say where you are in the world  in your profile, even roughly - just a country would help. Here in the UK, I'd get them from Maplin or Farnell or RS, or RapidOnline, or Lyco.

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