Aside from clocks, watches, stores, and the internet, where is a common place to find tiny metal gears?

im looking for metal gears around the size of a quarter. anybody know where i can find some?

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AndyGadget8 years ago
Strip down an old VCR or tape deck and you'll find some. Most likely plastic though.
TimTheScarecrow (author)  AndyGadget8 years ago
ohh good one. i have plenty of old vcrs laying around. one question though, whats a tape deck?
LOL - You're young, aren't you ;¬) It's how we used to play music before CD and MP3 players. There's still a fair few around at car boot sales etc. Do a google image search to see what I'm talking about. (tape deck or cassette player.)
TimTheScarecrow (author)  AndyGadget8 years ago
OHHHH im young but not that young. i just never heard it being called a tape deck before. i used to have a few cassette players of my own. and yeah.. actually lastnight i took apart an old cassette player. only about 3 gears and they were plastic.
Madrias3578 years ago
If you're not afraid of messing a few up while learning, and you only need the gears for looks, painting plastic gears can have a nice effect. Though I've never done it (too much caffeine and I shake, not enough, I shake worse), I've seen it done.
Aztof8 years ago
Legos, I have a bunch of old bionicles just lying around, and the gears from those work great
You can purchase gears from Small Parts and Ebay.
"Aside from clocks, watches, stores, and the internet". but thanks anyway

Still not free, but cheap- I would pick up a few pounds of small toys at the local secondhand clearance store.

For free? Try advertising for broken toys on Craig's List or a local newspaper classifieds ad. You may even find someone willing to deliver.
cool.. and its not about the money. i just want to know if theres something i could possibly have laying around my house that might contain gears. but if i cant find anything i'll take a look at that small parts place you mentioned.
Gearboxes out of toys. Although the gears are usually plastic
TimTheScarecrow (author)  thermoelectric8 years ago
yeah. (i just gutted an old hot wheels set and it had loads of plastic gears.) i'll try looking for more though. thanks for answering