Atari Punk Mods?

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jeff-o7 years ago
As in, the Atari Punk Console? I'd suggest playing around with the component values, or building multiple Consoles and mixing their outputs together, or using them to drive each other.
fretwreckef94 (author)  jeff-o7 years ago
Thank you for the ideas! but how would I link them together?
Well, do a search for "mixer" here. That will show you how to mix multiple outputs together. As for one driving the next; consider this: Each of the control potentiometers simply varies the voltage going in to one portion of the chip. If, instead of a potentiometer there were another APC (whose output is a varying voltage), then you could have automatic control of that input! See what I'm getting at? ;)
fretwreckef94 (author)  jeff-o7 years ago
so would it work if I were to put the speaker output of one APC going into one of the potentiometers of another APC?
Basically, yes. That's kinda what it's doing already; an astable oscillator is feeding a monostable oscillator. Now, the potentiometer for each half of the circuit is actually changing each half's RC time contant, so you can't just cut it out. But, you can hook up the output of one APC to, well, any pin on the next stage that isn't power or ground! Hook it all up on a breadboard and play around!