Atari punk console built into a guitar?

im planning on building an apc into my guitar but i wasn't sure about the audio out. any ideas? by the way the apc im using is from here

CamDAX6 years ago
Is this what your looking for?
Hmm, I was thinking originally of something along these lines: Mixer, but upon further thought, it might be better to be a bit more involved. Let me do some sims and get back.

It is a 556 timer circuit that sounds like an Atari 2600 console game system (gotta give props to 8-bit). The link in the OP is clean, so you can go there.

What do you want to know about the output? It comes directly from the 556 chip and should be a square wave with an amplitude of several volts. If you are mixing it into the output of the guitar, you'll need to attenuate it and most likely use an active mixer circuit to buffer the APC from the guitar itself.

What do you think seandogue?