Attach a Nellcore Probe to an Ohmeda PulseOximeter?

Hi. Does anybody have an idea on how to connect a Nellcor Probe to an Ohmeda PulseOximeter? Or can anybody point me out to a pinout of the Ohmeda Pulseoximeter? Reason for this is that our hospital recently received a donation of Ohmeda machines and all we have are Nellcor Probes available.

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lemonie7 years ago
Tell the donor they're useless without probes, and could they get you some? L
hotmgb3 years ago

Just get a conversion cable, will allow the use of the probes. If never heard of it let me know and I will send info

Thank you for this question! I have actually been wondering this myself about my cms-50f wrist pulse oximeter. I appreciate your answers and will give some of these a try as well as check back later for anything new so, thank you again!
sauuul7 years ago
Just found this discussion, and the main answer is that these probes basically are not compatible. Nellcorr, uses IR and LED in opposite connection, thus requiring modified H-bridge drive, while in Omeda'as probe leds have one common electrode physically, thus no way to make a connection like a Nellcorr probe has.
I don't think the GE link helps. Have you got any kind of probe to compare against ? Any chance of the service manual for the GE unit. The probe is an LED and a phototransistor, as you no doubt know. If you opened the units, you can probably trace the necessary wiring, but I'm making no guarantee, and I would insist on some kind of formal calibration against a reference system afterwards Steve
1213441 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Hi. Calibration will be done with artificial "fingers" that come with the calibrating machine. When LED light passes through it, it gives a reading on the pulseoximeter, giving one an idea on the accuracy of the equipment. We have actually opened the units and as medical personnel do not understand that much about circuits and boards. Do these diagrams help?
So you now have everything you need to try it, you've found a pinout, all you need is the right connector. It looks like a DIN connector. Steve
1213441 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Planning to solder wires to the nellcor pins then stick the other end to the ohmeda sockets. my problem now is, which pin numbers coincide with which sockets??
Sorry ? You HAVE exactly what You need in the drawing you posted.
Go out and BUY the socket for the Nellcor - A 9 PIN d connector, and look for the Ohmeda, which looks to me like a DIN connector. I'd take in imprint of some kind of modelling clay to the local electronics shop.
Then you will have a well made professional installation.
Why not make your own oximeters, and get GE out of the equation altogether ? Since anything is better than nothing, is a good start.
SInce you don't provide any helpful infomation in your profile about where you are in the world, I don't see that giving advice on modifying medical equipment is legally advisable.
1213441 (author)  steveastrouk7 years ago
Sorry, I'm from the Philippines.
If I were you, I'd pay somebody to fix you up. As a hospital, you shouldnt hack it up. However, if this were for a project at home, I think we would be more than happy to help you.
1213441 (author)  The Ideanator7 years ago
I work at a third world country hospital and make do with with donations from the US. The companies here sell us equipment for an arm and a leg (figuratively ;) ), money best used for buying medicines. one company offered an adapter which supposedly makes these two work together, but the price is awfully steep. as to accuracy, the donors gave equipment for testing precision. No Insurance company here. And better for the patients to be monitored by something than nothing at all.
Well, in that case, I think we can help(or at the very least try) If you attach some pictures and serial numbers, product numbers, and all the info you can find on the stuff you have and the stuff you can use and work with, i think we might be able to do something.
1213441 (author)  The Ideanator7 years ago
We have a GE Trusat Pulseoximeter /GE_trusat_pulse_oximeter.htm and a nellcor pulse oximeter probe . The instruction manuals that come with the supplies and equipment have no data which can be used to accomplish this. We can’t find pinouts for the GE Healthcare TruSat 3500 Pulse Oximeter but found some materials that may be of interest: a. and b. Page 18 and 19 of Hope these help.
Re-design7 years ago
I have no experience with medical equipment but I would be astounded if the units could work together. They can probably be cobbled together but could you guarantee accuracy? I wouldn't want to know that I was being monitored by homebrewed equipment like that. How would your insurance company view this? But like I said since I don't know how they actually work I might be wrong. I'll bet there is someone who can give you what you need.
. Yeah. "DIY" and "medical equipment" just don't belong together.