Attach beach rocks to drywall?

My children and I collect rocks from the beach, not too big (1-2" size and flat). Would like to attach to drywall (approx. 6 x 4' wall under my countertop. Any suggestions as to how I can do this?

onrust7 years ago
Liquid Nails
Burf7 years ago
I believe your best bet would  be to use construction adhesive. 
Construction adhesive comes in a caulking tube, it has a fast grip and is quite strong once cured.Various brands are available at all hardware stores.
You apply a small dollop to the back of the stone and then stick it to the wall. The kids can even help because the glue is applied individually to each stone and then stuck to the wall. You don't have to spread it over a large area of wall space and work rapidly to get the stones set before the glue dries.
aeray7 years ago
Use any common tile-setting mastic, trowel it on using the proper size notched trowel (see the mfr's directions) and apply the rocks. Grout between then using a sanded grout in an appropriate color. Use a good quality stone sealer on the "show" side of the stone before setting them, and apply it again after the grout has cured. I would definitely not recommend omitting the grout, as dirt and gunk will rapidly accumulate and be nearly impossible to remove. As for weight, sheetrock will easily support the weight in a vertical application like this.
iPodGuy7 years ago
JB Weld is a 2 part glue that can glue pretty much anything to anything. I'd worry that the weight of the rocks might become a problem and rip the paper off the drywall.