Auto populating a date?

Is there a formula to have a date auto populate if there is data entered into a certian cell?


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iceng5 years ago
Are you using Word or Excel ?

Anyway look here.

daleavell (author)  iceng5 years ago
Excel. I am working with 2 cells and I need the dated to auto populate when I enter data in the other cell.
iceng daleavell5 years ago
follard probably knows a better way,  I hope he chimes in here.

But when I was working Excel there were wonderful { IF } statements
that I was fond of using that let me control a cell based on
what happened in another cell.

Like  IF( 20D ,,19D)(20E=20E,20E=1B,20E=1B) syntax be wrong

The point being if 20D is changed then put the value of 1B into 20E...

Any way usually knowing something is do-able lets me eventually
find the darned sequence of commands to make it work..

daleavell (author)  iceng5 years ago
The formula I used is
This is a good formula, but it is not working for what I need. I need the "yes" to be Yes,No,Maybe" and I need the M7 to be the actual date information was entered into cell M7. I just need to know the date the information was entered without having to key in the date or worrying about it change... If I put ()Now or ()Today, they change to the actual day it is, not the date that the data was entered.
iceng daleavell5 years ago
Like I said arrange a cell like B1 to take a date whenever the sheet is opened.

Then say L7 s your data cell and L47 is you mirror cell
and M7 is the conditional date cell.

Finally,  B1 has the pop date and you just entered some data into L7

Then  =IF( L7 = L47,M7 = M7        no change
           =IF( L7 <> L47,M7 = B1     and  L7 ==> L47 

This function will TEST IF there is a difference between new data L7
and L47...

IF there is a difference  THEN  B1 ==> M7  AND  L7 ==> L47
now  L7 has the new data and M7 has the date of when it was entered.

frollard iceng5 years ago
there's always =Now() in excel
iceng frollard5 years ago
Good One...
Another thing I had forgotten.
frollard iceng5 years ago
only problem is if you load the spreadsheet later, it will populate with the new time, it also recalculates with global refresh/recalc f9
iceng frollard5 years ago
Now ..... I Remember ...  tearing out my hair..

Ahhhha  the pleasures of working Excited by Excel..