AutoCAD 2010?

Hi all!
Why when I want to open a drawing in AutoCAD 2010 the program writes:
Cannot find specified drawing file.
Please verify that the file exists.
Although this file really exists and I am trying to open it. how can it not exist?

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thomasmckenna10 months ago

But in my opinion better take a DWG
Recovery Toolbox
and restore your

OttoCech (author) 10 months ago

Thank you all for your advice! The issue has been resolved. I'm appreciative for your responses and help.

thomasmckenna10 months ago

Sometimes this helps for autocad recovery:

run AutoCAD - insert block - file - and select the
damaged file, then save under a different name.

OttoCech (author) 10 months ago

I registered here because I find it easier to contact the experts who know the exact solution to this problem, than for me to try 1000 of methods to spend a lot of time and not the fact that I will achieve results.

iceng OttoCech10 months ago

Over the years a lot of corrupted Autocad have been asking for recovery help...

I don't recall much success...

iceng10 months ago

I keep recalling that Auto is now a cloud based, billed monthly, Cad and

NEVER EVER will use such an audacious rip-off...

Any way try to rename your file and move it to another folder...

I fee your pain...

Downunder35m10 months ago

Typing the error message as it is into Google already gives a bunch of possible options and solutions....
Why is it easier to register here to post a question that Google could answer in seconds?
Sometimes I just fail to see reasons....

steveastrouk10 months ago

Corrupted file ?

Post the file here, and see if anyone else can open it.