Automatic charger for 12 volt batteries in series of 20.

Hi, i want to join 12 volt batteries in series to produce 240 volts.Now the problem is automatic charging kit to avoid overcharging issues.I can arrange transformer for the kit but i dont know ho to made or design circuit for this purpose.I search on the internet but the chargers available are of maximum 48 volts and i dont want to join them in series.I want single unit.Kindly send me the solution to make that automatic kit.

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caarntedd7 years ago
Be extremely careful doing this.If you are going to connect that many batteries together you need to cover the terminals up as you make each connection. As the battery bank gets larger you will have an increasingly higher potential, and accidentally coming into contact with exposed terminals which cannot be "switched off"could cause severe damage or injury. I have seen this occur while someone was doing exactly what you propose. A spanner was dropped onto the top of the connected batteries, and welded itself to the terminals across the 120V point and then caused a major fire which damaged the workshop.
orksecurity7 years ago
Personally, I'd disconnect the 12V batteries and charge them separately. Better for the batteries, among other advantages.

(And I second Frollard's confusion -- whatever you're trying to do, this is probably the wrong way to do it.)
Well, if they're all the same type, new and unused, series charging is fine for me.
Unless this is a big EV project, I can't see any real reason to use 240.
... Granted, I suppose, since after all the individual cells in each battery charge in series.

I'm still having trouble thinking of anything which I'd want a portable 240V source for that wouldn't be better handled by a DC-to-DC converter... I can't see wanting that much current, that long.
frollard7 years ago
What on earth do you want 240 DC volts for?! Designing around your power source seems like the easier course of action in this case.