Average MIG welding costs?

I was interested in welding, and I've heard that MIG is a good type to start with.
My question is, what are the average costs to you good citizens of Instructables with moderate use/ what were your starting costs?

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What kind of scale are you thinking of welding ? If you're welding from 0 up to 6 mm, I'd really recommend a TIG welder instead, harder to use for sure, but vastly neater results.

DC MMA (arc) /TIG sets, which run any metal except aluminium, start at around 200 USD from your local Harbor Freight - you have to buy the TIG torch as an accessory. You can use standard stick for heavy sections with them too, making them more versatile than a cheap MIG.

Don't get me wrong, professional MIG sets (2000 USD +++) give beautiful results.

In my experience, its easy to make a good looking bad weld with MIG than any other process.
The Dark Lord (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
I was thinking big-ish things. Like bike frames and objects around that size.
That's not really big-ish - you're in TIG territory, where you need weld integrity and strength. I see from your profile you're in Florida - where abouts ? anywhere near either the Keys or Titusville ?
The Dark Lord (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
Not exactly, Titusville is 40 miles away.
He he. Closer to you than me ! I'm 100X further away right now.....
iceng4 years ago
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