Awesome modifications that would allow a person with severe electromagnetic radiation sensitivity to use a computer?

This is more of a challenge than a question: ! My friend cannot be in the same room as anything emitting electromagnetic radiation -- no computer or phone -- but she longs to be in touch with people. She's now limited in contact to her husband and people who come to visit, but is about to move away from the city where we live to a small town with cleaner air (she's also struggling with multiple chemical sensitivity), so will be moving 2.5 hours away from most of her friends. I can imagine some awesome solution that would transition from mechanical technology to digital signals (ie. typewriter keyboard connected to computer in the other room), but I'm not the hacker to do it. Is there anything existing out there? This seems like it would be right up the steampunk folks' alley. Any good ideas? Sources for solutions? Any thoughts that you might offer will be greatly appreciated, and probably put to use. Figuring this out will add significantly to my friend's quality of life...!

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paqrat5 years ago
I personally doubt the validity of the diagnosis of your friend's disorder simply because we are, during most if not all of our lives, awash in a sea of electromagnetic radiation and, unless the other room she is going into is specifically shielded against EM, I believe that going into another room would have little to no effect unless the problem is psychosomatic. That being said I think if I suffered from the condition I would encase the offending electrical equipment with a faraday cage. This, of course, would not work with a cell phone. Actually it would work but the cell phone would be rendered useless so long as it was in the cage. For a phone I would go with a land line and put the shielding inside the main case and the hand-set. If her problem is not psychosomatic perhaps it is an allergy to the plastics used in the devices she is having a problem with. I have heard/read that there are some folk who are especially sensitive to such things. If that is the case perhaps some sort of paint might help with the problem.
rickharris8 years ago
Any EM radiation is mostly generat6ed by the Screen so get her an LED screen that is totally passive in the EM spectrum. I would consider getting some scientific checks done as I think this is a most unusual condition - Our entire environment is flooded with Electro magnetic radiation. It is impossible to escape short of wearing a chain mail dress. Can she use a mobile phone?
Oh, well, 4th comment. Actually, not unusual at all, unfortunately. There's millions of people worldwide with EMS (Also called EMH) And that's the problem with it - It's practically impossible to escape...
...and absolutely NO proof that the condition exists. Double blind trials have clearly shown zero causality. What your friend has is no doubt real, but caused by an anxiety rather than a real effect.
So, you're like the guy in the story that sees a man on the street hit by a bus and then tries to argue with a passerby that it was actually a van.

Why are you so skeptical? Is it really that hard to believe, considering how reliant we are on technology? It does exist, where did you get your information from?
I don't "believe" I seek proof. Post me YOUR references to double blind trials to detect the condition ? If there is clear scientific evidence, I will give it credence. Our "reliance on technology" means nothing, we are constantly bathed in high power natural EM sources. I have seen ZERO evidence in peer reviewed scientific literature of any such condition. Anecdote is NOT evidence.
Ah, and so we get into a trivial debate about right / wrong, etc. Since you're obviously trying to avoid my question, we'll just say that because you're 32 years older than me, you're right, and leave it at that. Or, you're just the type of person that has to argue about something. Meh.
I personally seek the truth in this matter more out of curiousity than proving you wrong (or a liar). What are your friends symptoms? When was she diagnosed (and by who)? What sort of devices cause this reaction? Please understand that this is not a personal attack or an attempt to disprove EHS's existence. I am just trying to further my knowledge about this situation (wikipedia can only give so much information).

Yay, a fully intact comment, how rare...
SUNLIGHT is EM radiation. So is heat from a fire. PEOPLE EMIT IR "radiation"
do you mean LCD?
smiex8 years ago
here are the pics, feel free to comment/make constructive suggestions. if you can make better, do so and let me know.
iTraceur smiex8 years ago
Wow. That's cool.
smiex8 years ago
Hi, i have the same problems. I'ts very difficult to find something. For myself i made some kind of 'remote' for my keyboard and a long stick attached to a mouse (not easy to coordinate, but it works. just a bit slower) and use a very large flat tv so i can sit on a relative save distance. i wil post some pictures in the future from my keyboard. its was no easy task to make and its not that handy, but maybe someone can improve the design. cu in a while
iTraceur8 years ago
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