BBQ Burner?

I'm thinking of building my own Pig Roaster / BBQ, the problem is I want it to be 60" long and I have not found a propane BBQ burner that is long enough.

Can you make it out of Black Gas Pipe? If so what diameter should the burner holes be?


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lemonie7 years ago

Get two burners.
Yes you could make one out of steel but it's not straightforward - you need to get the gases to flow & blend in the right way.

Agreed. Far simpler than trying to engineer and build one's own burner. Academically, sounds interesting, but practically speaking Lemonie's right on track.
thexporter (author)  seandogue7 years ago
Well gentleman I can see the consensus is not to try this particular project and to go the conventional way.

Thank you for taking the time to reply, I'm now searching for two burners about 20" or so long.... seems to be plenty to choose from....
Home depot/etc is your friend ;-)
Please don't try to make your own burner. There are far more considerations besides running gas through a pipe and lighting it . Not the least of which is the possibility of a gas explosion.
As Lemonie stated you need the proper air/ fuel ratio to get an efficient burn.
A yellow flame is not an efficient burn and unburned fuel will cause sooting (and ruin the pig).A proper flame should be a solid blue.
In addition to using 2 burners, i would recommend the use 2 separate tanks and regulators to avoid vaporization problems.